What niches is SEO suitable for?

Search engine promotion of sites is a way to attract the target audience and collect orders. Resources for which SEO optimization is carried out have every chance of getting into the TOP of search results.

SEO differs from contextual advertising and SMM in that it works for the future and the achieved results are saved for a long time.

We will analyze the niches and types of sites for which this service is relevant.

Types of sites suitable for search engine promotion

1. Online stores and catalogs

These sites are known to everyone and are used to sell a wide variety of products: from medicines to household appliances.

The advantage of online stores is that the user can place an order at any time, even if the working day has already ended. Catalogs are also available from different regions of the country and often offer delivery.

Which companies are suitable for search engine optimization to promote online stores:

  • suppliers of medical and veterinary products
  • electronics and spare parts
  • cosmetics
  • clothing and footwear stores
  • furniture and gardening companies

For such sites, SEO is a great sales channel, so it is recommended to set aside a budget for search engine optimization.

2. Aggregators and directories

In this category, the emphasis should be on quantity: the more offers in the site database, the more the resource is valued by visitors and search engines.

Ad sites can also be included in the same block.

Aggregator sites usually offer a selection of ready-made goods or services. Niches here can be absolutely anything: real estate, organization of holidays, food, buying air tickets or booking hotels.

For catalogs, it is important to have not only a large number of options to choose from, but also user-friendly functionality: compare prices, parameters, send an application.

3. Service Sites

If you are looking for clients for a clinic, beauty salon, photo studio or window installation company, include SEO optimization in your marketing plan.

Resources for the sale of services are competitive, and this gives a chance to attract customers.

When promoting service sites, it is important to pay attention to the content: the texts must be understandable and unique.

It is also recommended to place feedback forms and widgets of online consultants.

When promoting services, it is necessary to monitor the reputation of the company and reviews.

4. Information and news sites

Why promote sites with news and articles, because they have nothing to buy?

Information resources sell ad units and make money by placing paid articles. Efficiency of news and easy-to-read texts attract visitors, so you need to carefully work out the content of the resources.

What to consider when choosing SEO as a promotion tool

1. Willingness to spend

When planning a promotion, make sure that the budget allows such investments.

SEO is a long-term job that includes not only an optimization specialist, but also a developer, account manager, designer, copywriter, etc.

It is easier to delegate a block of tasks to an agency – there are already well-established processes, proven employees and monthly reports.

2. Technical capabilities

The resource should be able to develop and implement technical changes. If the site is built on an incorrect or outdated platform, on which it is impossible to fix even basic errors, it makes sense to consider an upgrade. You can create a new resource or migrate an existing one to a new CMS.

With regular work and taking into account the specifics of the company, the site will become a channel for attracting customers.

The main thing to remember is that SEO should not be abandoned halfway, even if you are already seeing results and are happy with them. Remember, while you’ve paused SEO, SERP competitors continue to promote themselves and your customers may go to them.

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