MyThemeShop Review: Speed up your WordPress website with these Themes

If you have noticed that the pages of your site load slowly, I advise you to continue reading the guide , you may find the solution that’s right for you.

In this article we talk about Fast and SEO optimized WordPress themes, ideal for creating blogs and online magazines.

I have personally tested several of these templates and have been really satisfied. I’m referring to the templates from MyThemeShop, a company specializing in the development of WordPress themes and plugins , both free and premium.

MyThemeShop Templates: One of the fastest WordPress themes

On the MyThemeShop site you will find many themes to create blogs and magazines, although there are some templates available to create showcase sites.

Responsive themes and compatible with all browsers

The templates are developed to be perfectly visible on all screens and browsers.

Lightning fast themes

This is one of the features of MyThemeShop themes that I immediately noticed. It’s extremely lean and fast and make the user experience on the site very pleasant.

Sometimes, very feature-rich templates tend to slow down the site.

The MyThemeShop templates are instead developed with particular attention to the performance of the sites on which they are installed.

Functionality for the management of advertising spaces

Among the many features of the themes is also included that for the management of advertising banners.

Unlimited license

Many platforms that sell themes require you to purchase the same theme multiple times if you want to use it on multiple websites.

MyThemeShop instead allows you to choose between a license for 1 site, 3 sites or unlimited sites.

Proprietary control panel

MyThemeShop templates have a control panel with numerous options for customizing the theme (including the choice of colors, fonts , layouts , etc.).

In the following paragraphs we will deepen the functionality of the control panel of the Magazine theme

Many compatible plugins to enrich the site

As I have already mentioned, MyThemeShop offers both themes and plugins .

The plugins are also extremely streamlined and functional, and won’t burden your site.

Ideal design for blogs and magazines

MyThemeShop Point Theme

I recommend that you take a look at the demos of the available templates .

You’ll see that the contents are presented in a very orderly way and are easy to use.

Both premium and free themes

By registering on the MyThemeShop site you can purchase premium themes or choose one of the free templates.

The latter obviously have a bit more limited functionality than the paid ones, but they are still an excellent solution for those who want to create a blog . 

Very interesting offers

If you’ve spotted an interesting theme or plugin , I recommend you sign up for MyThemeShop. In fact, very interesting offers are often sent by email.

By organizing the themes available on through the “popular” filter (just click on the “popular” button in the “themes” section), the list is reduced to the most popular themes .

Let’s look at some results together:

1. Schema

Schema is a really fast and lean loading theme , has a responsive design and is SEO ready.

Three are made available for this theme demo:

  1. the first is the basic “Default” one, excellent for a blog or news site;
  2. the second “Minimal” can be good for a showcase or corporate site;
  3. the third “Shop” is dedicated to eCommerce and affects the page loading speed very much.

2. Crypto

In 2017 there was really a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies and above all bitcoin and it is not surprising that the mythemeshop team has a dedicated theme available: Crypto .

This theme is dedicated to bloggers or analysts who want to talk about cryptocurrencies or financial topics .

This theme is compatible with all devices ( responsive design ) and there are three available demo to test its functionality.

The “Default” version of the theme offers a text-centric design, but also offers spaces for technical information.

The “ Cryption ”  version , on the other hand, is a variant of this theme . Very interesting is “ICO Calendar“. Version that allows you to create a detailed events calendar and at the same time offers all the features of a generalist site.

Now that we’ve seen the main features of the themes , let’s dive into the features and options of the “Magazine” premium theme.

The “Magazine” theme control panel

This template is aesthetically very beautiful and really functional ( click here to view the demo ).

The control panel is organized into various sections (as you see in the screenshot above) and the options are many.

Among those that in my opinion it is necessary to underline:

  • Possibility to customize the homepage with “blocks” of articles belonging to various categories.
  • functionality to automatically calculate and display post reading minutes.
  • functionality drag-and-drop for the arrangement of contents within the post page (for example, you can arrange the text of the article, the block with the related articles and the author box as you like).
  • as I have already mentioned, options for the guided management of the areas dedicated to advertising banners.
  • Integrated Google fonts.
  • Theme Translation Panel: if you have ever worked with WordPress themes , maybe you know that to translate the texts of a template from the original language to other languages it is necessary to create .po and .mo files. With the Theme Translation Panel all this is no longer necessary: directly from the WordPress Dashboard you can in fact search for the texts in English and type the corresponding translation. This is a feature I’ve never seen in the past and it looks really cool to me.

MyThemeShop plugin

By registering on the MyThemeShop site you can also download several useful plugins .

Of course, you can use these plugins with any WordPress theme , you don’t need to install a MyThemeShop.

Here are some of the most interesting tools in my opinion:

1. WP Review

A plugin to create reviews on WordPress .

By installing this tool, you will activate features to rate products and services.

I also talked about it in this article: How to show product reviews on an e-commerce site

2. WP Shortcode

If the basic functionality of the themes are a bit tight on you, install this plugin to add many elements (for example, buttons and banners) that you can insert on the pages via shortcodes.

3. WP Tab Widget

A plugin to add a simple but functional widget, where there are various tabs for recent, popular posts, tags and comments.

4. WP Mega Menu

A very interesting tool to improve navigation within the site through a mega-menu.


We have come to the conclusion of this short presentation of the MyThemeShop themes and plugins .

As you can see, this is an excellent resource to download both free and paid tools.

Surely, the choice is narrower than in marketplaces like Themeforest , but I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of the MyThemeShop themes and also of the support service.

It is undoubtedly a site that I recommend you to consider for your online projects.

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