How to up security and protect your online business

Nowadays, conducting business without taking part in the online community is quite challenging. Any reputable business or organization has an online presence where they can quickly connect with customers and sell their goods. Payment is typically made directly on these websites using a bank card or an electronic payment system.

Unfortunately, poorly maintained security can have disastrous effects on a business or personal website. Statistics show that scammers can cause up to 16 billion dollars in losses for online business owners each year. This sum includes money taken from credit cards or electronic wallets as well as indirect income from intruders, particularly from the sale of personal data that has been stolen or payment for the return of control of a virus-infected device.

Therefore, using protected payment systems to completely protect yourself from intruders is insufficient because doing so could result in much greater losses, including the loss of money as well as the data of your customers and personal information. Most intruders typically gain access to users’ accounts after they reveal their personal information or enter weak passwords. Social network and email accounts that are not protected by a strong password and private information are frequently the weakest points.

The most common means used by intruders are:

  • Malware that interferes with the system’s normal operation and gives intruders access to the device, such as viruses, trojans, and worms. By clicking on a link from an email or social media message, users typically infect their devices.
  • Breach of data. Personal data is typically stolen during target attacks using the information that is available.
  • Exploits that enable intruders to gain access to a user’s device by exploiting software flaws- Various fraudulent schemes that use emotional or human weaknesses to access the device.

The intruder uses disclosed user information to create the most efficient attack strategy in order to carry out a successful attack. Therefore, a user must first protect all of his personal accounts and become more anonymous online if he wants to defend himself against intruders. Utilizing proxy servers and temporary email services when visiting shady websites or speaking with strangers is the most efficient way to accomplish these objectives.

By keeping your true personal information hidden from intruders, having a temporary or disposable email can assist you in defending yourself against targeted attacks. Despite its obvious simplicity, such protection can effectively shield you from intruders who intend to steal your money and/ or data.

Your online business will be shielded from targeted attacks if you become more anonymous!

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