These are the best product review plugin for e-commerce stores in 2022

Various surveys indicate that 90% of customers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews.

Reviews now widely available also in video format, as for example, through the various YouTubers who review products and services of all kinds on their channel.

With this premise it is obvious that using a plugin for reviews is practically mandatory, if you do not want to make mistakes in creating your eCommerce.

Lots of review plugins! Which one to choose?

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress , the best way to understand which plugins are valid is to rely on the previous experiences of the Community: the reviews in fact.

We have chosen for you free eCommerce plugins which have excellent reviews and enjoy wide popularity (user installations).

1) WP Review

The WP Review plugin offers a free and a paid version of WP Review Pro .

Very easy to use, it offers complete freedom to your visitors, everyone can leave a vote which the plugin will then use to provide statistics.

After installing the plugin, go to “Settings” in your WordPress dashboard, then click on “WP Review”.

Here you can select the customization options for reviews that will be applied to all products by default.

Go to the content where you want to add the review and now you will find various options available if you click to edit the content.

In case the basic settings chosen previously were not enough, here you will have access to more configurations.

You can also choose between three types of scores: stars, points, percentages.

2) WP Product Review Lite

With more than 60,000 installs and four stars the plugin WP Product Review Lite is definitely known, popular and free!

This plugin gives you more control, you can choose whether to enable or disable user reviews for specific products and you can also choose whether to consider specific reviews for the final statistics.

This way you can exclude non-constructive reviews or spam.

The reviews have a very professional and interesting graphic aspect, especially considering that it is a free plugin.

Various customizations are available in the options, as in the previous plugins. Also you can use colors that are activated based on the statistics of the reviews, for example: green for high stats, red for low etc.

The WP Product Review Lite team also offers paid add-on content that increases the functionality of this plugin.

3) Taqyeem

Probably one of the nicest and most advanced design review plugins.

You can find it for a fee by going upCodecanyon.

Taqyeem offers various themes, colors, styles and many possibilities for customization.

This plugin also offers three types of scores: stars, points, percentages.

You can turn threads, pages, or custom threads into a review by activating Taqyeem via the text editor.

All settings are controlled through a menu available in the editor itself.

This plugin offers additional features via 3 dedicated widgets: best, latest and random reviews.

If you wish, you can also unlock additional features by purchasing additional paid Addons:

Taqyeem Buttons Addon offers the use of custom buttons with links of your choice.

Taqyeem Predefined Criteria Addon if you often use the same criteria for reviews, this Addon offers you the possibility to automate everything saving precious time.

4) Ultimate Review Plugin

The Ultimate Review plugin is for you if you are looking for ease of use.

It allows customers to leave reviews, comments and ratings on various products available on your eCommerce site.

It offers similar levels of customization than the plugins we have already discussed but with a much simpler and more intuitive interface.

Much attention is given to the rating and statistics based on the various reviews, the text is available with less emphasis.

If you are one of the lucky CSS geeks, with Ultimate Review you will have access to CSS-based design customizations.

5) Rating Widget: Star Review System

With more than 10,000 installations and 4.5 stars, the Rating-Widget: Star Review System plugin is a good choice especially for users who are less familiar with design, configurations and complicated customization choices.

Rating Widget is also free!

If you want to limit the interaction with your customers and avoid laborious content moderation activities caused by offensive or “spammy” reviews this plugin is really for you.

The reviews that users will leave are simply ratings that use stars as a rating. It is also important to note that it supports over 40 languages.


As you may have noticed, there are tons of plugins available to show reviews on your eCommerce site .

In this guide we have proposed five of the best known and most appreciated:

  • WP Review – complete with many features, after paying;
  • WP Product Review Lite – very complete free plugin;
  • Taqyeem – the reviews look really good;
  • Ultimate Review – more attention to statistics, text in the background;
  • Rating-Widget: Star Review System – the simplest, most limited and free.

We recommend that you choose the one that suits you best, after looking at their characteristics and considering whether you prefer to invest money or not.

You can also do some tests and maybe involve your users in the choice!

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