How to sell on TikTok? 25 key mechanics for promotion strategy and advertising campaigns

How to start promoting a business on TikTok? What, how and why to show the audience and what ideas and formats are better “enter”? How to increase reach and monetize videos? And what do you need to get into the “Recommendations”?

We have collected for you the most effective ways to promote on TikTok, and as a bonus, we will tell you about universal video ideas that can be used for any project.

TikTok has become the fastest growing social network in the world with a 40.8% increase in its audience in 2021. About 750 million users visit the platform every month.

The myth that TikTok is a prank for elementary school students and it is impossible to promote a real business here is no longer relevant. Today, commercial projects of various sizes and formats are being promoted here. And TikTok is also promising, because its audience will increase its solvency with age.

What types of businesses are promoting their products and services on TikTok: online stores, food service, banks, telecom operators, mobile app developers, cosmetics manufacturers, clothing brands, automakers, and many others.

So lets go: Here are 25 ways you can promote your Business on TikTok

1 Start your own channel and be active

You can start promoting a business on TikTok with simple actions, it is not necessary to cut content right away. First, register and look around, study the competitors, try running ads in the feed and contact bloggers for cooperation. So you will understand what and how to shoot your own videos.

Do not forget to be active outside the profile: comment on other people’s videos, put reactions on the videos you like, participate in general conversations, subscribe to interesting users. Your task is to attract more attention to your account.Natalya Belousova

2 Package and present your brand

Before you start promoting on TikTok, prepare yourself: create a clear strategy, determine your own positioning, choose the style of communication with the audience. Only, based on the prepared data, start filling out the profile. This is important because users need to understand who you are and what you do when they first meet your account.

Mandatory steps:

  • Set an avatar. It can be an image of a “brand face”, a logo, a mascot. In this case, you can use both a regular picture and a GIF or video.
  • Complete your profile header. Enter the name of the company in the nickname. Write a clear profile topic that explains the type of your activity.
  • Provide a link to the site. You can add one active link to your profile bio. Add a link to your homepage or landing page to tell more about your brand.
  • Switch your account to PRO. This will open access to additional business features.

3 Work on content

When creating content, keep in mind that most of the audience comes to TikTok for relaxation and entertainment. Don’t be too serious. Even in official videos, you can add a little humor.

Take care of visual perception – various effects, background music, unusual filters, stickers and other similar elements will add dynamism to the content. When using text content in a frame, experiment with fonts and colors.

4 Optimize your video description

The description of the video serves as an additional way to attract the attention of users. Do not overload the video caption and do not compose a long detailed narrative. The ideal description should be concise and understandable — a couple of engaging phrases + a few trendy relevant hashtags.

5 Use Popular Tracks

TikTok users have access to an extensive library of music. Videos shot under popular tracks get to the TOP faster. Follow music trends in the app and sound trendy.

In the web version and desktop application in the “Interesting” section, you can find music videos that are gaining popularity. By clicking on the name of the clip, you can see how many videos have already used this music:

6 Aim for recommendations

Recommended videos are gaining millions of views in the shortest possible time without additional promotion. To understand what to shoot, view and analyze the recommendation feed.

Study what type of content gets more views, what content viewers respond to better. And, of course, motivate users to interact with your content – leave comments, likes – this will become an additional signal for the application algorithms and your project will receive additional coverage.

7 Use effects

At one time, AR masks helped in the promotion of many insta accounts. Users willingly shared masks and subscribed to their owners. In TikTok, this opportunity was also received with a bang. Now tiktokers can use a variety of effects when creating videos. A video with an interesting effect can become viral if users start copying the effect they like and filming feedback.

When creating a video in a mobile application, pay attention to the “Trendy” section and use the most interesting effects to create unusual stories:

8 Run video ads in the feed

Feed video ads can have different goals: reach, traffic, app installs, video views, or conversions. Such ads are displayed on the principle of an auction, taking into account the audience settings. At the same time, you can set up payment in different ways – for impressions, clicks, views or interactions.

The duration of video ads is from 5 to 60 seconds. You can add a brand name and description to your video.

9 Run hashtag challenges

The essence of the idea is that the brand / company comes up with some creative challenge idea, shoots a video and launches it under a branded hashtag. Users shoot videos responding to the brand challenge and post them under the challenge hashtag. This helps to increase audience reach, increase brand loyalty and generate a “sea” of user-generated content.

10 Promote your TikTok account on other social networks

You can run targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte or other social networks. You can show one of your most popular tiktok videos with a nickname, or make a video about your account and invite users to visit your profile.

11 Collaborate with bloggers and influencers

Like any other social network, TikTok has its own heroes – highly specialized bloggers with tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, opinion leaders with a multi-million audience. They are listened to, their recommendations are trusted. You can simply order an announcement or product placement, or you can involve bloggers to promote hashtag challenges or shoot a joint video.

If a popular tiktoker talks about your brand or product, it is almost guaranteed that you will receive an influx of visitors, some of which may turn into subscribers or customers.

12 Promote through hashtags

Use unique hashtags that are related to your brand or activity. Add your own hashtag to every post. This will help users find your content if a video grabs their attention. If you shoot a variety of content, you can use special hashtags as tags for categories.

A good idea is to come up with your own personal hashtag:

13 Run contests

People love to win, receive prizes and public recognition. Contests can be combined with a challenge by promising a prize to the author of the best publication.

You can run a contest together with a popular blogger to attract more audience:

14 Drive traffic from your communities to third-party resources

If you already have featured pages on other sites, tell members about your TikTok account and invite them to visit your profile. This works especially well if your content is different across platforms and users find something new on your Tiktok.

You can even upload a TikTok video to your Instagram account to tell your followers about your profile:

15 Practice Collaborations

Create joint projects with other brands or popular tiktokers. For example, you can launch a series of joint videos with one of the bloggers. You can maintain a separate section together with companies that produce a related product. You can even come up with some kind of socially positive project and attract several well-known tiktokers to participate.

A funny video created by a blogger with the participation of the brand can also become a collaboration:

16 Set up ads in YAN

TikTok is also among the partners of the Yandex advertising network. Of course, advertisers can’t choose sites to display their ads on their own. But when setting up a campaign, you can exclude unwanted sites and inappropriate apps. In addition, you can increase the likelihood of your ad showing on TikTok by using the right keywords – phrases that are often mentioned on the site. When setting up targeting, you can specify the social network domain. But even if your ad appears on other partner sites, you can still advertise your tiktok account.

17 Livestream

Live broadcasts on TikTok are popular because they provide “live” communication with the audience: you can answer questions, tell interesting stories, ask about viewer preferences, or simply chat with subscribers on various topics.

To gain access to live broadcasts, it is enough to gain 1,000 subscribers. Ethers are displayed in the user feed, which allows you to attract new users.

Natalya Belousova

 same size as yours. Agree on holding joint broadcasts, or each of you can recommend a partner account in your profile. Several of these promotions with different authors will provide you with a solid influx of traffic.

19 Don’t Ignore TikCode

In TikTok, you can create a QR code that can be shared on other resources – TikCode. Users can scan it to get into your account. In your profile settings, generate a code and place it wherever possible – on your website, on business cards, in offline offices.

The generated TikCode can be downloaded or sent to instant messengers and social networks:

20 Shoot reactions to other people’s videos

If you find a popular video and shoot an interesting reaction to it, you can quickly get into trends.

Stories with bloggers attract significant attention from the audience. But you can choose popular videos from the feed and shoot your reactions to them. For example, Gordon Ramsay creates reactions to cooking videos.

21 Create an active community from your audience

The TikTok audience differs from the users of other social networks in that it is ready for active interaction. Users do not want to be just bystanders, hence the reactions, and numerous challenges, and trend following. Try to engage viewers in communication: ask for feedback, ask questions, invite to collaborate on content. All this will create a connection with the brand, turning passive viewers into followers or customers.

22 Encourage user-generated content

TikTok users respond better to brands that ask to be involved in content creation, offer to become a member of different projects or share their stories. For example, you can ask subscribers to talk about the use of your products or the result of interaction with the company. The authors will get their portion of attention, and you will get additional content.

23 Cultivate Ambassadors

Promote those who often talk about your brand. Mention the authors of interesting user videos in your account. Thank you for the interesting reactions and fascinating reviews. By doing this, you will increase the authors’ loyalty to you, motivate them for further interaction, and one of the users can gradually turn into the “voice” of your brand – an ambassador.

24 Collaborate with streamers

Streamers differ from bloggers in that they broadcast their content live. Streamers interact with the audience more closely, they communicate more and it is easier for them to win the loyalty of the audience. Therefore, recommendations from streamers are more effective. You can promote through them not only different gaming things, but all kinds of gadgets or new technologies that are interesting to young people and teenagers.

Streamers can also be found on TikTok – in the corresponding “Stream” section in the desktop or web version, but it’s more efficient to promote your account through specialized streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, LiveStream.

25 Launch campaigns through specialized services

There are quite a few ad exchanges that offer help in collaboration with TikTok bloggers. Such services help to find honest bloggers with a proven audience without bots and cheats. Some exchanges allow you to make transactions within the service, which protects against scammers. As a rule, the advertiser only needs to set the necessary filters to select a blogger for his task, and the system will display all suitable bloggers from the existing database. With the help of such services, it is convenient to conduct large-scale influencer campaigns, attracting dozens of bloggers to promotion at the same time.

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