Facebook and Twitter: A simple Guide on how to promote your business

Today, two of the biggest social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter. If you are not on these social networks yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity for your online business.

If you are still present on these sites, then you probably know that getting a good return on your readers there is not so easy. It is easy to get lost in the abundance of texts, photos and videos, so every blogger needs a clear plan of action. Therefore, I propose to familiarize yourself with some thoughts that, I hope, will help you make this very plan.

Facebook promotion

Since you are engaged in Internet business, then you probably already have a special page on Facebook for this business. But the level of activity on this page does not please you? Statistically, 90% of users who click “like” on your page never come back. They will return if you can convince them of it. But this requires good content.

What does “good content” mean for Facebook? In fact, no one knows exactly how Facebook determines the quality of this or that content. But everyone knows for sure that when evaluating it, the social network uses it’s algorithm to rank content which includes three main indicators:

  • Compatibility : This is a measure of how much users like your page. To improve this characteristic, you need to convince people to actively interact with you on the social network. In other words, the more often your users click on links in messages and click “like”, the more compatible your business page is.
  • Weight : How people interact with you matters. Comments give your page more weight than likes because they require more effort from users.
  • Relevance : The fresher the content, the more likely it is to hit the top positions of the news feed.

If your content is not scoring enough on the above indicators, then it is not guaranteed that it will appear in the latest newsfeed posts. And if it is not there, then users will not be able to interact with you. Therefore, you need to optimize your news feed. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Better less is better : Much more likely to attract readers to communicate if you post from 2 to 5 messages per day. If you spam a bunch of posts, then many users will want to remove your posts from the feed.
  2. Short messages : Another important rule – try to write messages no longer than 100 characters. The shorter the message, the more likely it is to be read.
  3. Use links : Users like posts with links more. However, shortened links are not recommended.
  4. Questions : An interrogative message will always precede a narrative one. Try to come up with at least one good question every day.
  5. Share photos and videos : This is the most effective way to keep users interested. Post tempting videos , people always like them.
  6. Time of Day : The best time to post on Facebook is from 10am to 4pm. And if you post on a weekend, you’ll get 20% more engagement.
  7. Write on Thursday and Friday : these days everyone is in anticipation of the weekend, which gives an increase in activity by 18%.

Promotion on Twitter

At this year’s Web 2.0 conference, former Facebook president Sean Parker said power users are leaving Facebook for Google+ and Twitter . The reason is that Facebook does not provide users with the tools to filter the oversaturated news flow.

The fact that people go to Twitter is interesting, because there is also an overabundance of information here. However, for Twitter there are a number of tools that solve the problem of glut.

Buffer is a tool that allows you to distribute your tweets to hit them at the optimal time. For example, I mostly tweet late in the evening or at night. Naturally, this does not give a high level of interaction with readers, even if I send whole heaps of messages on Twitter. With Buffer, you can adjust the timing of your tweets to your liking, which will lead to more retweets and clicks.

HootSuite – the free version of dates gives you a good set of analytical tools and supports up to 5 accounts. The paid version removes these restrictions, and also allows you to implement  Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

These are great tools for measuring conversions and overall company social media results.

Promotion in other social networks

There are many other social networks on the Internet. But the principles of increasing the level of activity in them are similar. In fact, you just need to be guided by common sense, and not try to wind up certain indicators with automatic services or programs.

What is your most effective social media promotion tool or method?

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