Safeguarding Against Ransomware: Understanding the Differences between Viruses and Ransomware

Introduction In today’s digital landscape, ransomware has emerged as a significant threat to individuals and businesses alike. Understanding the distinctions between viruses and ransomware is crucial for implementing effective protection strategies. In this blog post, we will explore how to protect yourself from ransomware while shedding light on the differences between viruses and ransomware. What … Read more

How To Fix WordPress Emails Not Showing up in Gmail

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These are the best product review plugin for e-commerce stores in 2022

Various surveys indicate that 90% of customers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews. Reviews now widely available also in video format, as for example, through the various YouTubers who review products and services of all kinds on their channel. With this premise it is obvious that using a plugin for reviews is practically mandatory, … Read more

Locked out your WordPress website? Here’s how to disable Plugins using a File Manager

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