About Us

Fanoftech is a blog based on topics like Blogger tips and tricks, Latest WordPress themes and plugins, web hosting, how-to, and lots more.

While we provide plenty of helpful content for new bloggers, we also provide in-depth Guides on On-
page and Off-page SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Solve the technical problems in WordPress.

Hi, my name is Thomas Omorogbe and I am the Founder of fanoftech.com, where I share lots of helpful content about Blogging, SEO, and WordPress Guides.

How Fanoftech helps you become a successful blogger.

According to experts “To run a successful blog you need to Focus on Unique content. “ But there is more to SEO than “great Content”. For that, fanoftech.com is perfect for you, which helps you solve all your technical and SEO problems.

Here is what you will find on this website

  • Basic & advanced Blogger, WordPress, SEO, and Social media marketing techniques.
  • Free and premium templates for Blogger and WordPress Website.
  • Technology and innovation News and case study.
  • Digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & Small businesses.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to use the “Contact Us” section.